Can my partner and vibrator be friends?

So you love your vibrator and have a lover but not to sure if they’ll love each other, keep reading and you might just see how bringing them together will create a mind blowing experience for all concerned.
The biggest worry about when introducing your vibrator to your partner is that they may feel intimidated or worried that they’re not performing up to standard. This is where you need to educate him a little in a gentle way.

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12 Days of Xmas for Him

With Christmas fast approaching, why not give your partner the best 12 Days of Christmas they’ll remember for every Christmas to come:

For the first day of Christmas start of small and slip into your partners morning shower giving him a pleasurable body wash with perhaps a little tugging action, ensuring the shower is one to remember.

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12 Days of Xmas for Her

Now here’s an article to leave open on your web browser for your partner or to print out and leave somewhere where he will find it, like perhaps in the middle of the fridge! Here’s an opportunity for him to take twelve days and spoil you!!

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Position of the Week – Number 1

Welcome to our weekly sex position of the week. For the first one I’m not going to be too creative and go with one of the most popular sex positions in the world, The Missionary Position. Now you may be reading and wondering why on earth am I telling you about the missionary position, everyone knows how to do that. But if you stop and think there must be a reason why this is one of the most popular positions and why it shouldn’t be forgotten, got to give credit where credit is due.

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Position of the Week – Number 2

Time to spice it up a little from last time after enjoying the missionary position why not get up and about and experiment with positions standing up. You can incorporate a variety of places with standing up positions allowing you to have a love making session in every room of the house.

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Position of the Week – Number 3

This week it’s time to get those g-spot orgasms exploding, by exploring positions that are perfect for achieving the G-Spot orgasm.

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