Position of the Week – Number 3

This week it’s time to get those g-spot orgasms exploding, by exploring positions that are perfect for achieving the G-Spot orgasm.

The first position to try is the girl on top commonly known as the cow girl position. With your man lying flat on his back you can straddle him either on your knees or with your legs bent on your feet to achieve the better angle, and get your man to tilt his pelvis up, this helps create the right angle to stimulate the G-Spot, you can then thrust yourself on him as much as you like, not only will he get a show of you being control, you’ll get the added stimulation to your G-Spot. If that doesn’t help to get you to orgasm, you are also in the perfect position to stimulate your clit with your fingers whilst riding him, it will be sure to blow both yours and his mind!!

Another position to try with the G-Spot angle in mind is again with the girl on top. Have your man sit with his legs semi crossed, and then facing away from him lower yourself onto him. This position will allow you to control the angle and the thrust ensuring you can get the perfect G-Spot angle and stimulation!!

Remember you may not get the perfect angle or stimulation right up, it’s important to communicate with your partner and experiment with what works for you, by communicating and experimenting you will be sure to find the perfect position just for you two!! And if you find these positions don’t work, don’t give up just enjoy the session!!