Position of the Week – Number 2

Time to spice it up a little from last time after enjoying the missionary position why not get up and about and experiment with positions standing up. You can incorporate a variety of places with standing up positions allowing you to have a love making session in every room of the house.

Lets start with the main room of the house the kitchen, a perfect room for a little standing romp with the perfect furnishings to get the perfect position. You’ve got the kitchen table and benches which are the prefect height to bend over and let your partner take you from behind, not to mention for you to lean/rest on whilst you straddle your partner whilst he’s standing. Or if you prefer him to sit, sit him down into a kitchen chair and stand over him, giving you the perfect height for you to stand and lower yourself as you please.

Moving along to the bathroom, the shower can provide the perfect standing location, using the walls position yourself so he can enter and enjoy some fun with the suds. If you find it a little difficult don’t forget to check out the range of sex in the shower products which can help you achieve the perfect position.

If the bedroom really is more your thing, no reason to let that stop you from achieving the perfect standing position. Make use of your walls and let your partner lift you up so you can straddle him, or lift one leg around his waist and balance on the other allowing him a deep penetration. If you arch your back the penetration can go even deeper really letting you feel it. And you can always make use of the bed, why not kneel over the bed and let him take you from behind.

It may take some time to conquer the perfect standing position, but once you do you’ll definitely have a hot position to remember!!