Position of the Week – Number 1

Welcome to our weekly sex position of the week. For the first one I’m not going to be too creative and go with one of the most popular sex positions in the world, The Missionary Position. Now you may be reading and wondering why on earth am I telling you about the missionary position, everyone knows how to do that. But if you stop and think there must be a reason why this is one of the most popular positions and why it shouldn’t be forgotten, got to give credit where credit is due.

Just in case you have never heard of the missionary position, the missionary position is when a man lays on top of a woman and inserts his penis whilst laying on top of her. It’s an easy position and can also provide a lot of joy for the man and woman!!

One of the best things I love about this position is it allows for an emotional connection as well. You and your lover can both see each other, watch if you like (which can add another little added extra) and also allows you access to kiss your lover, whether it be their mouth, neck, ears or nipples. You can have hands on access to your partner and pull them in closer when you need.

The missionary position is also an easy position to convert to other positions. Your partner can go to a kneeling position which can allow you to lift your legs and rest them on his chest allowing a deeper penetration and giving him quite a view to watch which can really send each of you over!! It’s also an easy position to roll over and swap, letting you go on top and take control!! However kinky or laid back your sex life is, don’t forget an oldie but a goodie, the missionary position can definitely be pleasing for everyone; you don’t have to preform acrobatics to enjoy a good sex position!!