Can my partner and vibrator be friends?

So you love your vibrator and have a lover but not to sure if they’ll love each other, keep reading and you might just see how bringing them together will create a mind blowing experience for all concerned.

The biggest worry about when introducing your vibrator to your partner is that they may feel intimidated or worried that they’re not performing up to standard. This is where you need to educate him a little in a gentle way.

Let him know that it’s just not your vibrator that gets you off, its him and you still need him, and that the toy isn’t just for you but for him as well. Letting him know that the toy is for you both and that you will both enjoy it can help ease the intimidation if he’s feeling any. Involve him the purchase telling him exactly what you could do to him with it and what he could do to you. If intimidation is a big worry at first, pick something which is small and in no way resembles a penis so he doesn’t feel like there is any competition at all. Once he’s comfortable he’ll be more than happy for you to expand your collection.

Educate yourself as well. Find out about the male erogenous zones and the perineum spot (if his comfortable enough) and exactly how you could tease him with your vibrator, he’ll never again question having a vibe in your drawer once he’s found how well you can use it. There are also special vibes out there just for men. Feeling what it can do for him, he’ll be more than keen to please you with it and won’t be questioning any further purchases you may have in mind.

If you think he could handle a bold move why not use it in front of him and surprise him, he’ll be sure to be turned on and definitely won’t mind ‘helping out’. All in all getting your partner and vibrator to get along will be about being open with your partner letting him know how you feel about him and making decisions together. Getting your vibe involved will definitely be a good time had by all.