12 Days of Xmas for Him

With Christmas fast approaching, why not give your partner the best 12 Days of Christmas they’ll remember for every Christmas to come:

For the first day of Christmas start of small and slip into your partners morning shower giving him a pleasurable body wash with perhaps a little tugging action, ensuring the shower is one to remember.

For the second day of Christmas cook your partner a fabulous meal in a mini skirt, ensuring every time you bend over he gets a view to remember, you may not get your dinner cooked but your partner sure won’t be complaining.

For the third day of Christmas slip into a sexy little lingerie number just before bed, ensuring you’re strutting yourself, dragging him to the bedroom with you.

For the fourth day of Christmas after your partner returns home from work, why not take off his shirt and lay him down giving him an enjoyable massage that will be sure to release his tension from the day.

For the fifth day of Christmas give him a little present a love toy just for him, there are many available such as the  Juicy Mouth or a vibrator just for him!

For the sixth day of Christmas serve him his favourite beer whilst topless, a topless waitress will be the last thing he expects to see in his living room!

For the seventh day of Christmas go to bed a little earlier than him and lay there naked waiting for him, I’m sure he’ll know what your intentions are.

For the eighth day of Christmas send him naughty text messages throughout the day detailing what you have waiting for him when his home.

For the ninth day of Christmas send your lover a naughty image of yourself whilst he’s not at home, and get him thinking of you for the rest of the day.

For the tenth day of Christmas prepare an erotic dance and leave him gobsmacked with your sexy moves.

For the eleventh day of Christmas blow his mind and before he wakes up. Roll on top of him and take control, he’ll be definitely waking up on the right side of the bed!

And for the twelfth day of Christmas give him what he always wanted a blow job to rock his socks off!! It will definitely be a Christmas to remember!!!