12 Days of Xmas for Her

Now here’s an article to leave open on your web browser for your partner or to print out and leave somewhere where he will find it, like perhaps in the middle of the fridge! Here’s an opportunity for him to take twelve days and spoil you!!

For the first day of Christmas grab the massage oil and take away the stresses of the day.

For the second day of Christmas leave a gift on the bed, perhaps a sexy little lingerie number that you know will look fantastic on her.

For the third day of Christmas pull out that special love toy box and get her favourite toy, surprise her when she gets into bed, and use it how you know she likes it best.

For the fourth day of Christmas arouse her and then let her take control.

For the fifth day of Christmas book her favourite restaurant and take her out for a night in the day, don’t forget the night doesn’t have to stop when you get home.

For the sixth day of Christmas get into the romance of Christmas, light some candles, pull out the rose petals and sensually indulge each other.

For the seventh day of Christmas call up the florist and order her favourite flowers, after all every girl loves a surprise delivery.

For the eighth day of Christmas leave love notes in all the places you know she will look reminding her how special she is.

For the ninth day of Christmas why not treat her to a day at the hair salon, she’ll love the treat especially just before Christmas!

For the tenth day of Christmas surprise her with all the housework and cooking for the day, it will definitely be a day for her to enjoy!

For the eleventh day of Christmas grab some strips of satin and tie her up, pleasure her until she loses control.

And for the twelfth day of Christmas indulge her, put all the pleasurable acts you know that please her together and give her the best night of her life!